2016 Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finalist Lisa Lockhart

Which horse(s) are you taking to the finals?
I will be taking Chisum (Fast An Gold, 1998 chestnut gelding by El Roco, Romanna Glass by Raise Your Glass, Montana bred) and Rosa (Rosas Cantina CC, 2010 buckskin mare by Corona Cartel, Dash Ta Vanila by Dash Ta Fame, North Dakota bred)
List a few of your horse(s)' major accomplishments in 2016
Louie was my biggest part of the team, with Chisum and Rosa being huge assets as well! Both have several wins with their contributions to the team. 
What is your horse(s)' style when running barrels? What special qualities does your horse have and what makes him/her unique?
Chisum and Louie are both very consistent and have a very smooth, round turns.  Rosa is still young and not as consistent, but can run sooooo fast and turn very quickly.
What is your favorite part of barrel racing and the rodeo lifestyle?
I love training horses, and I love to be competitive in sports, which makes for a great combination to be a barrel racer!
What is your favorite inspirational quote or saying that you use to keep you going during the year?
I like so many, but anything on the order of "Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, and laugh lots"
The Run Down
Saddle: Lisa Lockhart by Circle Y
Pad: various Classic Equine pads
Leg Gear: Classic Equine Legacy
Bit: various gag snaffles
Feed and Supplements: Woody's Sales Prep and Platinum Performance CJ
Additional Care: Legend and Adequan and alternative therapy if necessary
Sponsors: Woody's Performance Horse Feed; Classic Equine; B Bar Heart Performance Horses; Prefiert; Polaris RANGER; Platinum Performance; Cowgirl Tuff; De Tye Vet Supply; Circle Y; Rodeo Rigs and Outback Customs