2018 Montana WPRA Pro Rodeo Circuit Finalist Becky Fuson

Which horse(s) are you taking to the finals?
Cajo Denim N Beduino aka "Shadow" got me to the finals, but I won't be running him.
KR Remember Me aka "Griz" will be my ride at the finals.
(2011 Brown Mare by Walk Thru Fire x KR Montana Cartel, Southern Cartel) Montana Bred

List a few of your highlights for 2018
We had a baby girl the end of April and getting to travel as a complete family of 4 felt incredible!

What is your horse(s)' style when running barrels?
Shadow is light on his feet and runs on top of the ground with a pivot style on the backside of his turns.
Griz really uses herself and the ground hard and is more round.

What special qualities does your horse have and what makes him/her unique?
Shadow, who is the horse that got me here, isn't a people person. He loves my 3-year-old girl the most.
Griz is a lover. She isn't picky, she just soaks up attention.

Do you have a routine you follow before your runs?
I try to gauge either horse each day when I first get on or when I'm saddling. I can usually tell right away whether I need to be relaxed and really get them focusing or if I need to exude energy. Typically with Shadow I can let myself get pumped and excited, whereas with Griz I try to stay quiet and relaxed.

Name some favorite places on the road that you stop at for a meal, adventure or sightseeing?
Parks for our 3-year-old daughter to play at. We try to make time to play at the park in whatever town the next rodeo is in. It helps keep everyone fresh on the road and gives her something to look forward to.

When you're headed to the rodeo who's on your play list?
I like a little of everything, so it depends on what I'm in the mood for that day. Some days it's motivational speeches and others old rock.

The Run Down
Saddle: Double J Pozzi Pro Racer
Pad: 5 Star
Leg Gear: Iconoclast
Bit: Junior Cow Horse 3 Piece Dog Bone
Feed and Supplements: Platinum Performance CJ, Purina Strategy, Simply Hemp Oil, Alfalfa cubes and good hay, Oxy-Gen pre-race products and Oxy-fluidity
Additional Care: Chiropractic by Sid Erickson, veterinarian by Chris Ray, DVM