2017 Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finalist Heather Crowley

Which horse(s) are you taking to the finals? Dashing French Charm "Hershey" and Coronas Slick Chick (2010 Mare by High On Corona x Big Horn Easy Twist by Easy Destiny--Montana Bred). Hershey will most likely get the call as she's more consistent and finished of the two.

List a few of your highlights for 2018
2018 brought some different highlights. I was able to qualify for the circuit finals while pregnant. However, my season was a lot more difficult as my ability to ride decreased. My young horse stepped up and placed at some very muddy rodeos early in season, which was very exciting after all the long hours and difficulties Iíve had getting her there. I was so blessed to have Hershey later in the year. She took such good care of me and placed in spite of me. The biggest highlight of all is the new addition to our family. Thea Leone Crowley was born November 5th.

What is your horse(s)' style when running barrels?
Slick runs hard but will still anticipate the turn sometimes. She gets very internally nervous. Hershey just tries her heart out no matter what. I would say she is ratey but rarely will hit a barrel.

What special qualities does your horse have and what makes him/her unique?
I think both of my horses have an incredible amount of try and love to win as much as I do. Hershey has a down to business, I’m doing it my way attitude! While Slick is more wild child, go all day, freight train. It doesn’t matter how many horses you’ve rode, each one is different and teaches you something new.

Do you have a routine you follow before your runs?
With Hershey, the key is getting her adrenaline peaked at the right time. You canít get on too early or too late. I usually do some roll backs and small circles. Slick I get on as early as possible and lope until sheís focused and listening. I always go through my runs mentally ahead of time and think about how to ride that particular horse to the best of my ability.

Name some favorite places on the road that you stop at for a meal, adventure or sightseeing?
Our favorite place to eat is the Rib and Chop. Our favorite place to stay is the Horse Palace.
Seems like we find adventure no matter where we go.

When you're headed to the rodeo who's on your play list?
Usually The Highway on Sirius XM radio.

The Run Down
 Saddle: Double J Pozzi Pro
 Pad: Three Forks pad or the Sherry Cervi Classic Equine felt pad
 Leg Gear: Iconoclast boots
 Bit: Dave Elliot bit on Hershey and depends on the day but usually No Hit Bit on Slick
 Feed and Supplements: Grass/alfalfa mix. Horslic, Dynamite Excel supplement for stomach, OxyGen Fluidity for joints.
 Additional Care: PRP for Hershey in her front feet by Dr. Chris Ray
 Sponsors: Rodeo Rigs