2021 Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finalist Tracey Bolitch

Which horse(s) are you taking to the finals? What are their lifetime earnings?

What is unique about their personality and what are their strengths?

She is super sensitive and remembers everything that you show her. Those qualities have definitely made training her easy but also challenging in that she keeps me on my toes!
When did you start competing in breakaway?
When I was 9

Do you raise your own horses? Or do you purchase? Are you looking for specific bloodlines?
For the most part we have raised our own horses growing up. If they are not something we have raised I like to get young ones and train them. I am always looking for the good cow horse bloodlines.
What are your conditioning and workout routines for both you and your horse(s)?
I do lots of long trotting on my horses. As for me I like to do HITT workouts.

When you're headed to the rodeo what do you listen to: inspirational podcasts, music, audio books?
Most of the time I am listening to stories from our 3 boys in the backseat.

Do you have a rodeo idol and reasons why? 
I look up to my parents and all that they sacrificed for me while I was growing up so I could rodeo. It has brought the best people into my life.

Do you have favorite spots to stop at while on the road? 
Our boys have different little spots they like to stop all around Montana as we travel. Usually the stops involve ice cream! 

Who do you travel with (including pets or companion horses) and in what kind of rig? 
My husband Andy and our 3 boys, Blaise, Brooks and Bentz. We also have our two weiner dogs Bernie and Choco.

What are your favorite memories/highlights and obstacles you faced getting to the 2021 circuit finals?
My favorite memory from 2021 was seeing the growth of the Breakaway Roping throughout the MT Circuit. It was so cool to see the widespread support for our event and see the committees do everything they could to help make it a success! 

How do you juggle family life while on the road?
My favorite part of being on the road is having my family with me and sharing in the adventures together. It can get a bit hectic at times but that is also why I love it. Lots of stories and laughs are shared going down the road.

What are your hobbies or other sports you compete in? 
I like to play basketball with the boys and we like to go skiing when we can.
The Run Down
Saddle: Tod Slone
Pad: Classic Equine Felt Pad
Leg Gear: Classic Legacy 2 Boots
Bits: Flat Port Bit and Hinged Port Bit
Rope: Dub Grant 4-Strand Poly
Feed and Supplements (in addition to what, how much you feed daily): alfalfa/grass hay and whole oats, also Animal Element Foundation Detox
Additional Care: Back on Track shipping boots
Sponsors: None