2023 Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finalist Jacey Fortier

Which horse(s) are you taking to the finals? Teddy!!

What is unique about their personality and what are their strengths? How tall are they and what is their weight (thought it would be fun to compare)? Teddy has a unique personality. He has very little patience at times. He knows when we do good, and he knows when we don’t do good. When we do good, he will almost lead you back to the trailer like he just won the Kentucky Derby and when we don’t, he hangs his head and walks back disappointed (mostly it’s my fault). I have never measured how tall he is or how much he weighs. I would say he weighs more right now than what he does in the summer when we are going a lot. He’s a little on the chunky side right now.

When did you start competing in breakaway? I started when I was around 4 roping the heading the dummy at night with my dad. It wasn’t till I got older that I started breakawaying. I think I ran my first breakaway calf at the age of 9. I still head occasionally but mostly just breakaway,

How long have you been a WPRA member? I think the first year I bought it was in 2011.

Do you raise your own horses? Or do you purchase? Are you looking for specific bloodlines? We raise our own horses for the most part. I look for something with some run and good athletic ability. Teddy was raised on the Blackfeet reservation, but I have one coming up that is one we raised. He’s by DJ Roan Street Boy out of a Mr Jess Perry mare. Hopefully he will be my next good one!

What are your conditioning and workout routines for both you and your horse(s)? With Teddy, I exercise 3-4 times a week and practice on them 2 times a week depending on my schedule. The younger ones get rode everyday as long as my schedule allows for it.

When you're headed to the rodeo what do you listen to: inspirational podcasts, music, audio books? The Gauge, and lots of music!

Do you have favorite spots to stop at while on the road? I have favorite gas stations. Most of them is because of cheaper fuel or easy to get in and out of.

Who do you travel with (including pets or companion horses) and in what kind of rig? I traveled early in the year with Anna Callaway, then this summer with Teka Larson and my mom got her permit and ran barrels at some rodeos, so she went with. My rig changed a lot depending on the weekend. I also have a Border collie dog that goes with me named Jimmy.

What are your favorite memories/highlights and obstacles you faced getting to the 2023 circuit finals? This year had some ups and downs for sure but for the most part I got myself back to the circuit finals. We had some late night drives so I could get back to work. The best weekend was in Killdeer at the end of the year. Teka brought her guitar and we all sat around after the rodeo hanging out and listening to her sing. We didn’t have to rush off to another rodeo and that was nice.

What or who are you thankful for? I am thankful for my whole support system, parents and friends. Mainly my mom and my dad. It’s a struggle sometimes when you’re on the road and things are not going your way it’s nice to have people in your corner helping you through the hard times.

What are your hobbies or other sports you compete in?
I team rope occasionally other than that I breakaway. I love to rope.

The Run Down

Rope: Striker by Rattler
Saddle: Tod Slone
Pad: 5 Star
Leg Gear: Classic Equine
Bits: Petska
Feed and Supplements (in addition to what, how much you feed daily): Alfalfa & Grass Hay, whole oats when we are on the road a lot.
Sponsors: Eightaway Breakaways, Next Level Equine PEMF – Jimi Brastrup