2023 Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finalist Joey Williams

Which horse(s) are you taking to the finals?
Baybe Bullet
What is unique about their personality and what are their strengths? How tall are they and what is their weight (thought it would be fun to compare)? Baybe is very fun to be around, she loves her job she’s about 15’1 hands and about 1200 pounds
When did you start competing in breakaway? I have been roping for as long as I can remember started competing in the PRCA rodeos in 2019  

How long have you been a WPRA member? Since 2009, so 14 years
Do you raise your own horses? Or do you purchase? Are you looking for specific bloodlines? Yes we raise and train our own horses, we currently are breeding most of our mares to our stud Smoke N Sunrise. We like to breed mostly run with a little cow. 

What are your conditioning and workout routines for both you and your horse(s)? I try to keep Baybe in shape while we are home and only practice on her a little bit. When we are in rodeo off season I do try to turn her out and give her as much time off as I can. 

When you're headed to the rodeo what do you listen to: inspirational podcasts, music, audio books? I spend enough time in the pickup that I listen to all of those! 

What or who are you thankful for? I am so thankful for my family, my husband for helping me accomplish my goals. I am also thankful for a once in a lifetime horse like Baybe that had taken me places I never dreamed of getting to go to!

Do you have favorite spots to stop at while on the road? I love a good cup of coffee and if we have downtime I like to eat a nice meal. 

Who do you travel with (including pets or companion horses) and in what kind of rig? I travel with my daughter Shay.  Sarah Verhelst and Anna Callaway sometimes as well as Ashley Day. I also go with my family whenever Taylor and the kids can come. 

What are your favorite memories/highlights and obstacles you faced getting to the 2023 circuit finals? Getting to compete at the circuit rodeos with good friends is always a highlight! 

What are your hobbies or other sports you compete in? I like to team rope and run barrels. I also love any other kind of sports such as basketball, watching my kids wrestle etc.
The Run Down
Rope: Lonestar pink caddy and caddo 10.0 
Saddle: Lance Horner 
Pad: Best Ever 
Leg Gear: Lonestar 
Bits: chain port 
Feed and Supplements (in addition to what, how much you feed daily): Grain, Equinety 
Sponsors: Lonestar Ropes, Ropesmart, Rodeo Rigs, Equinety, Rock and Roll Denim, Fleming and Long Equine Insurance, Best Ever Pads, NRS, Horizon Marketing Agency