Montana Women's Professional Rodeo Association


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2021 Circuit Finals Breakaway Results.     Circuit Finals Sponsors & Award Winners
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Joey Williams No. 1 Sarah Vehelst No. 2 Jacey Fortier No. 3
Joey Willilams Sarah Verhelst Jacey Fortier
Tracey Bolich No. 4 Cadee Williams No. 5 Celie Salmond No. 6
Tracey Bolich
Cadee Williams
Celie Salmond
Callahan Otoupalik No. 7 Shelby Rasmussen No. 8 Anna Callaway No. 9
Callahan Otoupalik
Shelby Rasmussen
Anna Callaway
Sammy Jo Bird No. 10 Megan Small No. 11 Whitney Levine No. 12
Sammy Jo Bird
Megan Small
Whitney Levine
MPRCF January 13–15, 2022, Montana ExpoPark, Great Falls, Montana
Thank you Jackie Jensen, Dave Hollenback, Dory Waid, Burning Ember, Mark LaRowe,
Olie Moss, and Rodeo Ready for the great action shots!